Erik Hultstrom

One Unified Industry Voice Representing the Cannabis Industry’s Interests

Erik Hultstrom
Location: Los Angeles, California

Erik Hultstrom is the co-founder of Southern California Coalition and the president of the  Cultivator Alliance Trade Association. Erik brings more than a decade of experience advocating for sensible cannabis polices to Southern California Coalition members.

First starting out as a dispenser on the retail front lines, Erik began cultivating his deep understanding and knowledge of the cannabis plant and industry at what-is-now the oldest dispensary in the world’s largest cannabis market, Southern California.  Hultstrom’s advocacy work has focused ensuring the safe and reliable access for medical cannabis patients, sustainable cultivation practices, and the enactment of fair licensing practices for all categories of the cannabis industry’s supply chain, particularly for cultivators, manufacturing, and lab testing.

In 2014, Erik founded the Cultivators Alliance, an industry advocacy organization dedicated to  driving forward the responsible licensing and business interests of cultivators in the City of Los Angeles. A year and half later, Hultstrom joined forces with Virgil Grant and Donnie Anderson to form the Southern California Coalition whose mission is to ensure responsible cannabis policies  are implemented in a comprehensive, inclusive way at the local, state and federal level.

Recently, Erik played a critical role in the historic passing of Los Angeles’ Proposition M, the result of months—and in some cases years—of conversations with elected officials, community leaders, business owners, minority and veterans groups, law enforcement, parents, teachers and others.

Hultstrom remains focused on implementing Proposition M in full, protecting the interests of medical cannabis patients and cultivators, and that more responsible cannabis regulations and frameworks get on the books in California and throughout the country.