Adam Spiker

One Unified Industry Voice Representing the Cannabis Industry’s Interests

Adam Spiker
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Location: Los Angeles, California

Adam Spiker is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Southern California Coalition—the largest, most inclusive cannabis trade organization in world’s largest cannabis market, Southern California—and the vice president of Spiker Consulting Group, a third-generation government affairs consulting firm with more than 150 years of experience working for clients on state and federal issues.

As the Southern California Coalition Executive Director, Spiker brings more than 15 years of experience working in government relations working across a variety of heavily regulated industries, and helping organizations, advocacy groups, and businesses coalition build, city plan, and the cannabis industry implement responsible policies in Los Angeles, other municipalities, throughout California, and at the federal level.

Most recently, Adam played an instrumental role in the passing of Southern California Coalition-backed Proposition M—the world’s most comprehensive cannabis legalization regulatory framework to legalization, which provides the City of  Los Angeles with a regulatory framework to fairly license, tax, regulate, and enforce the state-legal cannabis industry in the City of Los Angeles. The measure also creates a landmark social equity program aimed at ensuring those, who have been most impacted by cannabis prohibition, have equal opportunities to participate in the emerging sector.

In addition to shepherding the passing of Proposition M, which overwhelming passed in Los Angeles with more than 80% of the vote, Spiker is currently helping Southern California Coalition members navigate the shifting and complex regulatory issues facing the cannabis sector and aggressively working to ensure fair cannabis policies are implemented, so small businesses are afforded a fair opportunity to apply for state and local licenses.

Prior to joining Southern California Coalition and Spiker Consulting Group, Adam served in roles at: a principle at Ken Spiker and Associates, where he helped startup, small- and medium-sized, and Fortune 500 businesses navigate critical government relations issues and develop political advocacy strategies; as a founding partner at Access Capital helping businesses across the country secure funding and financial services; and as a financier at Cabrera Capital Markets, delivering asset management, investment banking, and full-service institutional brokerage services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base, including public and private pensions, financial institutions, unions, governments, corporations, foundations and endowments, and sovereign wealth funds.

Adam holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of California, resides in Orange County with his wife Carrie and his young son Trevor, and has been featured as a cannabis industry policy expert in media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, McClatchy Washington Bureau LA Weekly, LA Daily News, Leafly, Cannabis Business Times, along with other media outlets.