Expands Board to Include More of Cali’s Best Operators and Brands


Board to Ensure Small Businesses Are Not Pushed Out of Marketplace by Big Business, Will of Voters Is Upheld and Patients Have Safe Access to Life-Saving Medicinal Treatments


LOS ANGELESSouthern California Coalition (SCC), the largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization representing every aspect of the maturing cannabis industry in Southern California, announced the expansion of its board of directors, which now includes more of California’s best operators and brands.  SCC’s board expansion includes leaders and representatives from:

  • Aeon Wellness
  • Delta-9
  • Distribution Made Simple
  • Flow Kana
  • Growth Network Solutions
  • Lord Jones
  • Los Angeles Delivery Alliance
  • Los Angeles KUSH
  • Legacy Strains
  • Organic Health Care Network
  • Punch Edibles & Extracts
  • Quality Concentrates
  • The Reefinery
  • THC Design
  • Verdant Distribution

“As a longtime small business owner and advocate, there has never been a more crucial time for our industry to cohesively work together and speak with a unified voice,” said Erik Hultstrom, co-founder and board member of Southern California Coalition. “From the issues we face at a federal level such as the overturning of the Cole and Ogden memos, the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment hanging in the balance and the expansion of DOJ’s asset forfeiture program to local issues such as assisting governments that are pressed for resources and the effects that these issues have on small businesses, there is no question we will face more personal and financial hurdles on our path to legalization. Now is the right time for more of us to come together to speak with a united voice, so that we can continue to work productively with key decision makers and be successful in the long run. We encourage more advocates and small businesses in the industry to join us in our mission, particularly as we fight for federal, state and local common-sense reforms.”

SCC’s board expansion comes at a pivotal time for the cannabis industry in Southern California. Despite adult-use cannabis being legal for adults 21 and older in the Golden State as of January 2018, many businesses still face regulatory hurdles and delays in several major cities across the state.

“We want to thank our board members for sharing in the vision of LA’s Prop M and helping see to it that the measure is fully implemented, so more small businesses can operate under California’s new state guidelines,” said Adam Spiker, executive director of Southern California Coalition.“By bringing these leaders into SCC’s fold, we will strengthen our grassroots efforts and continue to build strength in our numbers, so that small businesses in the cannabis industry are finally legitimized. We are grateful to these industry leaders for agreeing to make an investment of time, energy, ideas and passion towards our mission and we look forward to working with them along with key decision makers on many important issues throughout 2018.”

SCC plans to hold its next meeting in the late winter. To receive up-to-date announcements on the cannabis industry in Southern California, please visit https://southerncaliforniacoalition.com/ and subscribe to SCC’s newsletter. For more information, follow SCC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.