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One Unified Industry Voice Representing the Cannabis Industry’s Interests


BOSTON HERALD.COM: Marijuana industry sets environmental, ethical goals

 | June 19, 2019 LOS ANGELES (AP) — An alliance of large marijuana businesses had a message for the public Tuesday: We’re good corporate citizens. The 45-member Global Cannabis Partnership, which includes Canopy Growth Corp. and other companies operating in the sector, issued guidelines aimed at minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting ethical conduct and responsible pot use. The emerging legal industry is “in a unique position to set a new bar for socially responsible practices,” the group’s executive director,...


MIC.COM: Lab Tests Find Mold and Pesticides in Marijuana and Cannabis Edibles

Lab Tests Find Mold and Pesticides in Marijuana and Cannabis Edibles     | Sept. 13, 2018 From granola to breakfast cereals, reports have detected pesticides in a number of American foods. And, according to a new study by California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, these chemicals are making their way into weed edibles. On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported levels of pesticides, mold and bacteria, like E. coli and salmonella, were discovered in tested batches of marijuana products — and nearly 20% of the...


VICE.COM: California’s Illegal Weed Industry Is Doing Better Than Ever

California’s Illegal Weed Industry Is Doing Better Than Ever   Those in the weed business have discovered that the black market is still more profitable in many ways than the newly legal industry.   BY Hayley Fox It was 2004 when William P. first got into the weed game. He was 18 years old and spent much of his life on the road, traveling between Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego to deliver chocolate edibles and sell weed. In the 14 subsequent...


BOSTON HERALD: Up In Smoke – New California Law Could Send $350M Worth of Cannabis to Incinerator

Cops say pot legalization hikes illicit dope business   BY Mary Markos Police say a “gray market” of illegal pot dealing is “thriving” under the state’s marijuana legalization laws, and they’re concerned that it will boom as it has in states like California, where it is undercutting the licensed operations.   “The gray market is already here,” Walpole police Chief John Carmichael told the Herald.   “If you look back at when the proponents proposed that we legalize marijuana in Massachusetts, one...


THE GUARDIAN: Up In Smoke – New California Law Could Send $350M Worth of Cannabis to Incinerator

Rules requiring special packaging and lab testing lead to fears of legal weed shortages   BY  in Los Angeles About $350m worth of cannabis products could be destroyed as new regulations take effect on Sunday in California.   New rules stipulate that all cannabis products must be sold in child-resistant packaging, and must be lab-tested for potency and a variety of contaminants. Additionally, edibles will be limited to 100mg of THC per package, divided into 10mg servings.   The long-anticipated...


HIGH TIMES: How to Hire a Pot Lawyer

Run-ins with the law are sadly common for cannabis consumers. Our handy guide explains when and how to retain the legal services of the best pot lawyer possible. BY   When Bill Sherman (this is not his real name—due to the sensitivity of his case, he asked us to use an alias) came home to a dozen narcotics agents in his apartment one night, he knew he would need a pot lawyer....


HERB.CO: Cannabis Businesses Leave Los Angeles Amid A Messy Licensing Process

ROB HOFFMAN Cannabis companies are leaving Los Angeles amid the city’s slow rollout of cannabis business licenses and industry regulations. Despite the state’s legal adult-use cannabis program beginning on January 1st, by April, the city still hadn’t even begun accepting paperwork for cannabis business applications. This slow licensing process is a major setback for the city’s cannabis businesses. Without timely approval, these businesses are forced to pay leases on their store locations without making profits. As...


LA TIMES: Marijuana growers, manufacturers have yet to get the green light from L.A.

Months after California legalized the marijuana business, pot growers and manufacturers lament that they are still locked out of the legal industry in Los Angeles. More than 100 shops have already gotten city approval in Los Angeles, but not the companies that have historically furnished them with cannabis, which were supposed to be second in line under a complex set of city regulations passed in December. L.A. had...