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CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Pot backers fear worst as vote nears on marijuana foe Sessions for attorney general

Marijuana legalization backers fear the worst for their fast-growing industry as the U.S. Senate prepares to vote Wednesday to approve a longtime pot opponent, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, as the nation’s next attorney general. All signs indicate that Sessions, who last year said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” has lined up the votes to get confirmed as the highest law enforcement officer in the land. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL, testified on Tuesday at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing...



Today on Burning Issues Mitch Earleywine is joined by Catherine Hiller Author of Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir. Just Say Yes, could be considered the first marijuana memoir ever published, and is a positive, honest, and humorous observation of the effect of weed upon every aspect of her life: marriage, motherhood, friendship, work, sport, sex.   Catherine Hiller began writing at the young age of ten which lead her to eventually receive a Ph.D. in English from Brown University. Her first...