Win-Win Ballot Initiative to Help Protect Cultivators, Small Business Owners,
Law Enforcement and Communities in World’s Largest Cannabis Market

LOS ANGELES—Southern California Coalition (SCC), the largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization in Southern California, announced the California Growers Association’s (CGA) endorsement of its Proposition M ballot initiative, which lays out a sensible path forward to fairly license, permit and regulate each sector of the cannabis industry, including cultivators to grow cannabis in the City of Los Angeles in a safe, professional and sustainable way. The measure, which is set to appear on Los Angeles’ citywide ballot on Tuesday, March 7th, also works to remove overly burdensome barriers that restrict legitimate cultivators from entering L.A.’s state-legal cannabis market.

“We couldn’t be happier to have California Growers Association’s support of this truly game-changing approach to regulating state-legal cannabis,” said Erik Hultstrom, Southern California co-founder and president of the Cultivators Alliance. “Prop M will help prevent bad actors and big business from putting profits ahead of safety and our communities. The initiative helps fixes the licensing, taxation, and regulation of legitimate players while giving City Council and the LAPD the authority it needs to crack down on industry impostors, who harm local businesses and our communities. We look forward to joining forces with more industry leaders like CGA as we continue to work to implement best practices that are safe, professional and sustainable.”

“Proposition M will result in effective and fair regulations,” said Hezekiah Allen, executive director of the California Growers Association. “The measure not only protects the public safety by requiring all businesses to comply with regulations, but also protects against monopolization in the world’s largest cannabis market. As the cannabis industry grows and evolves, Cal Growers will continue to work with other pioneers like Southern California Coalition that are committed to seeing more inclusive, responsible, and sustainable approach to legalization implemented throughout California and the country.”

Legalization of cannabis generates valuable economic activity for small business owners like cultivators, and creates tens of thousands of full-time jobs for workers across the state of California. In fact, according to Arcview Market Research, the state’s new adult- use industry has a projected value of $7B and state and local governments could eventually collect $1B a year in taxes—assuming licensing, taxation and regulations are fairly implemented.

Today, Los Angeles’ medical marijuana market alone is already close to $1B, easily overshadowing Colorado’s medical and adult-use market. If Angelenos pass Proposition M, the measure will create a viable path forward to a properly taxed, licensed and regulated system that creates opportunities for local businesses while also holding those businesses accountable to the neighborhoods and communities where they operate. For California’s workers, the measure will likely create thousands of more good-paying jobs, which pay on average more than $20.00/hour—or nearly double California’s minimum wage and a whopping 65% higher than the national average.

By empowering Los Angeles with the ability to rescind its flawed Proposition D—a measure adopted in 2013 aimed at limiting the number of dispensaries in the city—Proposition M will also enable the Los Angels City Council to address important issues facing the cannabis industry such as licensing across all cannabis industry categories (cultivators, dispensaries, transportation, others) while giving communities a say in what happens in their neighborhoods regarding zoning, the location of stores, the number of shops in an area, store hours, and how products will be marketed and advertised.
“For months, SCC worked to create a regulatory framework for licensing, taxation and regulation that will allow a healthy marketplace succeed,” said Hultstrom. “We will continue to aggressively and collaboratively work with our leadership, members, and third-party partner organizations to ensure Angelenos say ‘yes’ to Proposition M on Election Day. We encourage all registered voters to say yes to Prop M, and to make L.A. the continued world leader in sensible and sound approaches to legalization.”