Koretz Motion Introduced Creates a Notice of Intent to Register for
Interim Provisional Licensing for Los Angeles Cannabis Businesses While
Proposition M Is Implemented in Full 

LOS ANGELESSouthern California Coalition—the largest, most inclusive cannabis industry trade organization located in the world’s largest cannabis marketplace, Southern California, and majority funders and backers of Proposition M, the world’s most comprehensive legalization measure—issued the following statements regarding Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz’s introduction of a motion to create a notice of intent to register for cannabis businesses seeking interim provisional licensure in Los Angeles until Proposition M can be fully implemented.

Statement by Virgil Grant, president and co-founder of the Southern California Coalition:

We are grateful for Los Angeles City Council President Wessons and City Councils support of Proposition M and its intent. The City Councils efforts passed the most comprehensive legalization regulatory framework the world has ever seen.

We commend Councilmember Koretz for his leadership and action in moving Proposition M forwarda measure that overwhelmingly passed by 80% of Angelenos. We also thank Councilmember Blumenfield for his efforts moving other key issues forward and for his support. 

Koretzs motion to create a notice of intent to register for cannabis businesses seeking interim provisional licensure in Los Angeles is in the best interest of medical cannabis patients, our communities, law enforcement, and City officials. The motion will provide lawmakers with the time and information it needs to comprehensively develop regulations for each license category under Proposition M. It will ensure potentially eligible applicants are not cut out of the states or Citys process should the City fail to meet its self-imposed deadline of September 30th. 

Identifying applicants through a registry, who wish to comply under Proposition Ms new regulations, will start separating the good actors from the bad ones, so that the City can begin shutting down entities that have no intention of complying with Proposition Ms regulations. 

The motion will have zero effect on the social equity component that the City will introduce in the future. This is merely a simple protection of the owners and operators during the transition from Proposition D to Proposition M. Social equity remains near and dear to our mission, and we are aggressively working to drive that critical issue forward.

 Statement by Adam Spiker, executive director of the Southern California Coalition:

Councilmember Koretzs motion is an important step forward in this process that enables the City to determine which dispensaries qualify for priority licensing, which in turn, would clearly identify shops that should be forced to shut down until the City is ready to accept and approve full applications.

The interim registry for provisional licensing does not constitute eligibility under any permanent licensing or permitting process being developed by City Council, nor will it supplant any system of prioritization being contemplated for that process. However, it will ensure those, who may potentially be eligible for licensing at the City level, will not lose their ability to operate or obtain a state license.

If we fail to fully regulate the cannabis industrys supply chain as mandated under Proposition M, it would likely lead to another thriving illicit marketplace. Given the Citys 10-year history of upticks in arbitrary raids during regulatory-gap periodsand the fact that the City will need businesses that wish to comply with the Citys new regulations to come out of the shadows in order to gather critical City planning datawe believe Koretzs motion is the right step forward towards implementing Proposition M in full.

We will continue to work with the Los Angeles City Council, our members, communities, and minorities to finally fully regulate and enforce the City’s cannabis industry in a responsible and inclusive way.